heartfelt & authentic

My approach Is simple: I view every session through the lens of a mother. Look for what matters and forget the rest.

here's my philosophy

I try to observe people & find their unique traits

I've loved taking photographs since the days of sticky film + disposable cameras. I've amassed quite a collection of images from my life, but the quantity has surely quadrupled since my son was born. I approach photography so differently now that he's here. Time is fleeting and everything is changing and I want to grasp at the straws of time as beautifully as I can in my images.

motherhood collection

newborn collection

Lifestyle session

Maternity + Newborn OR Maternity + Motherhood

Up to 2.5 hours | 80+ images | online gallery + print release | access to client closet

Fresh 48 + Lifestyle Newborn

Up to 3 hours | 100+ images | online gallery + print release | access to client closet

Family, Maternity, Newborn, or Motherhood

Up to 60 min | 50+ images | online gallery + print release | access to client closet




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how far in advance should i book?


It depends! For more general lifestyle sessions, reach out for bookings 2-4 weeks in advance. Maternity shoots are booked between 32-36 weeks gestation, depending on how you're feeling, so once you find out your due date, reach out and we will choose a date. Fresh 48 sessions are within the first 48 hours of birth while still in the hospital. Newborns are scheduled 2-14 days after birth.

How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?


Barring any sort of family emergency, all sessions are culled, edited, and turned back within 7 days of your session.

what should i wear?


I have a free guide for that which will come straight to your inbox when you sign up for my newsletter. I also have a client closet that you are welcome to use, as well as styling consults which are all included in your session.

do you have location suggestions?


I definitely do! I love shooting in new places, so I'm happy to come along for the ride if you have a spot in mind, but if not, I'm happy to make suggestions.

You've got questions + we've got answers!

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